日記 1月29日


I played multiplayer on PS4 Monster Hunter Ice Bone. There are many players of "samurai sword" as before. (Laughs) Was there the most rescue signal for "Ice Dragon"? I rushed in with "Black Mira Braid", but the power is amazing when people using power weapons gather. Well, I often witnessed people who "one out" while I was rushing, but after all, "Ivercana is the monster who is responsible for the game title of Iceborn". I enjoyed it.

日記 1月26日


The rock-paper-scissors on the top page has been renewed. If you click it, you will get a rock-paper-scissors result without any preliminary action, so it may be a good idea to decide what to put out first. The result screen can also be closed with the space key or enter key.
Also, I received the dry skin ointment I ordered from Amazon the other day, so I'm going to experiment. I myself get itchy around my thighs when I get out of the bath with my skin. I'm going to paint it.

日記 1月23日


I opened "Puzzle and Dragon's" for the first time in a while and enjoyed checking it. I'm not writing. I left it for a while, but I noticed that there were nearly 2000 monster images. There are various types such as monsters drawn with "gacha"(Item get slot machine.), monsters that have been strengthened, monsters that have not been strengthened, and monsters that are not used. The mood is complicated, but when I started playing, "magic stones" were much easier to gather and I could play for a long time. I'm happy.

日記 1月21日


It has become a hot topic on TV in Japan.(covid-19) I am a person who is easily influenced by my mood, so I give regular rewards. It is a yogurt with a moderate sweetness.(ソフール)
I ate out for lunch today. At first I was planning to order curry, but when I looked at the menu, it was a picture of the ingredients melted. "Scrambled eggs cheese in spinach" was my first order today but it was the best.

日記 1月18日


Current progress. Regarding the game operation, I am proceeding while reading the reference book. We apologize for the inconvenience because the screen has not changed since the last time. I am struggling because the reference book page is long. I am working hard on a game of capturing environmental creatures. Now, let's talk about Monster Hunter's activities. I got a cactus with a face that lives in an anthill and an amphibian that lives in a pond!

日記 1月15日


I played with Minesweeper for the first time in a long time. This is my favorite game. At the advanced level, the number of land mines will increase dramatically. In my case, I have only cleared it once. "Scene that depends on the probability of clicking a land mine" is often seen from around the intermediate level. The other day, I found a Microsoft Minesweeper game, so I played it for the first time in a while. Recent Minesweeper has a lot of functions such as "Adventure mode", "Mode with a wall in the center" and "3 out mode". I have the impression that many people are not good at Minesweeper. It's easy once you remember the rules, so I want many people to challenge. I am struggling to capture jellyfish-type creatures.

日記 1月11日


About the latest status of the puzzle game that we are currently working on.Until now, I have created puzzles with 4x4 length and width. The challenge was to improve the error displayed on the puzzle screen to This 3day's vacation of Task. (sturday,sunday,Coming of age day of Monday). During the test play, I found some errors.I find it painful to keep clicking 4x4.The puzzles I made have a random placement system. When the puzzle is about to be completed, the arrangement of the neighbors may be staggered.It Game seems that time and knowledge will be required to complete it.

日記 1月7日

なんのこっちゃ。 表の作り方のブックレッスンに、にこにこコースが1,500円で、わくわくコースが2,200円を例に表を作ってみましょう。とあった。仮に3,100円のにくにくコースがあったのならこっちを選んで食べたいものです(笑)。

There was a problem of making a table in the problem of the book.It was a task to make a table of "wakuwaku course (Eng: Exciting course)" and "nikoniko course (smile course)".After a while, the idea of "nikuniku course (Grilled meat course)" came to me.In my case, I would choose "grill meet course" even if it costs a little.
Next, the story of Monster Hunter. I Quest challenge. I tried a mixture of red and black of "deviljho". The decrease in the player's physical strength is tremendous.

日記 1月5日


It was time to take a closer look at the games on various sites for puzzle games, but when I studied sentence commands, I was surprised at the new language and realized that the range of operations was expanding. I don't like errors. Did you learn this kind of calculation? "4 ↓ Rounddown", "5 ↑ RoundUP". Is it faster to use the Excel function? ...

日記 1月2日


I'm hitting a wall right now in game production. I'm working on a puzzle game right now. The writing program was easy to learn, but when it comes to advanced level text decoration and game languages, it's hard for me to remember. Will it be a barrier for many beginners? ..
Monster Hunter Ice Bone is enjoying using the insect club. It's fun to customize according to the monsters going to defeat the hunting insects.

日記 1月1日


Happy new year. In Japan, I ate "mochi" on New Year's Day. What Did you eat ? Recently, I hear that the westernization of food to japan is progressing and I don't eat much mochi. I think you huppy use your favorite food to choice. I will continue to make games at my own pace, so thank you.

日記 2020年12月29日


言語を学んで1からやっています。使ってるのはターミナルソフトウェアの"Tera tarm"。ゆくゆくはゲームを開発したい。ほかにも、広告を貼ってみたいと考えている。今本を読みながら、"ワードプレス"を構築するまでのやり方を勉強をしている。雑記や制作日記のようなものを書いてみたい。文章力はあまりないけど続けて頑張る予定。

●Current goal●

I'm learning a language and starting from scratch. I'm using the terminal software "Tera tarm". Eventually I want to develop a game. Be While reading a book, I'm studying until I build "WordPress". I want to write something like a miscellaneous diary or a production diary. I don't have much writing skills, but I plan to continue working hard. That's why I ordered the classic "gyudon" and "scrambled eggs cheese in spinach".
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