日記 11月30日


I did PC work a little all night. From 0:30 to 1:50. Good night in the time around here. In the morning, the second time was from 9:10 to 10:20. The display result did not show any operation, but there was no error notation. While taking a break, I did the third time from 18:10 to 20:15. Worked on the placement of numbers. It doesn't look like a finished product, and even if you clear a small area, you can feel that the wall comes out.

実はちょっとノルマみたいなのを考えていて、1つめは毎日入力画面で手を動かすこと。2つめはちょっとハードルを上げて12月末を期限に、パズルゲームのバージョンツーと、1つgame numberの新しいものを上げたいと考えています。とりあえず1つ目は頑張ろうと思う(汗)。

Current goal
The last game I uploaded was "Tom is asked to shop." On August 13th. Since then, I haven't been able to raise anything new. I was keenly aware of the height of the walls of the language world (laughs).
I'm thinking of imposing a little deadline on myself. The first is to move your hand on the input screen every day. The second, if possible, is to raise version 2 of the puzzle game. Then I would like to upload a new one for the game number. The deadline is December 31st of this year. For the time being, I will do my best (sweat).
I'm still at my own pace, but I want to be motivated (laughs).

日記 11月29日


I worked in the Atom editor for 45 minutes from 14:00 in the afternoon. I moved my hand. However, I didn't feel like doing it. The second time was from 19:05 to 20:15. There may have been a lot of things I didn't understand.
I bought a snack called Fruit Granola. What is written as sugar off. I didn't use take-out today, but it has a nice texture and I end up eating it.

日記 11月28日


I used takeout for lunch. When I opened the bag after taking it home, there was a rare problem. I ordered shredded cabbage. An onion jelly cup is attached to one corner of the cooking plate. It's a transparent plastic cup, but the lid of the container was forgotten and was it tilted when I took it home? It was spilled on the cabbage. When I eat, I end up sprinkling on cabbage. After all, it will be in the same state. When ordering online, the "scheduled pick-up time" is displayed, but the notation "within 30 minutes" feels tight, saying "please come to the store so as not to be late". Also, the members working in the kitchen room may have been busy. Thank you for the meal.
I did PC work from 18:00 to 20:05. Continuation of random work. Sorry for the vague image. There is a frame in the candidate, and the numbers are lined up. For the time being, I was able to figure out the numbers I wanted to decide, so I feel like it's okay today.

日記 11月27日


Today's work started at 4:00 pm for about 25 minutes. It's a random continuation. It was the content of the lottery. This is an old analogy, but paint the tip of the wooden chopsticks 5 cm in red. Since it is in a chopstick case, the painted part is hidden. Only one chopstick is painted in red. The remaining nine are off. The challenges I tackled this time reminded me of that. I tackled the task of excluding cheese from the dairy choice group once it was selected, but I couldn't solve it. I want to challenge again.
I laughed because the subject of the reference book was "Sun, Mon, Flame, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat".

日記 11月26日


The story starts from the content around the end of 23:00 yesterday. I went shopping just before the store closed, and when I came back, it was the next day. I was in front of my computer and thought about sleeping, but I played a so-called introductory video of the language on youtube in a vague mood. I saw a trick to reduce the number of language characters. It's called refactoring.
I woke up around 8:40 and watered Pachira in the morning. Currently, it looks like he has settled in a No. 8 oval plastic bowl. Watering was outside. I felt heavy when I took it out of the room.
PC seats around 18:00 in the evening. I'm still stuck in the labyrinth of random operations. difficult.

日記 11月25日


PC work for about 90 minutes in the morning. Play Monster Hunter in the evening. It was such a schedule.
I played in multiplayer in Monster Hunter. I fought with a heavy bow gun. You pull out your weapon when you use the clutch claw to soften the meat. I challenged with a tactic called "sword-type heavy" that combined the skill that the ice gauge appears. I was surprised that about 600 damage was displayed.

日記 11月24日


I didn't do the usual work today, but I learned the language of operation related repeatedly. Instead of continuing from yesterday, I challenged a language I was not good at. I did it until around noon, but I worked on it with a relaxed feeling, not a feeling of concentration. The point of pain is when a blank screen that is not the correct answer appears without any error.
I would like to go for a lunch box takeout around 14:00. What should i do?

日記 11月23日


Today's PC work was divided into two parts. About 1 hour in the morning. In the afternoon, I worked for 2 hours and 15 minutes from around 16:00. It's like copying and pasting a branching operating language, or making a U-turn on the scroll for confirmation or correction.
I didn't take out for meals today, so I'll talk about the state of Pachira. You replanted it on November 5th and watered it every week. The small leaf stem (I call it an arm ...) that was attached around May of this year turned brown and fell off by about two arms. When I wiped it off with a spray bottle or tissue paper, small mites were stuck together. Compared to around March when I came to my house, I think it's thicker as if I bundled three of them. We were also able to confirm the change from the fresh green color of the seedlings to the woody brown color. Hoping that the leaves will remain until next year's growth begins.

日記 11月22日


It was raining today, so I felt like I didn't concentrate much in the morning. The sun came out from the afternoon. From noon, I was able to concentrate on my work for about two and a half hours. I worked on the PC work time divided into three times. I entered the random part using the Atom editor. It's hard to see the end, but I'm glad I was able to spend some time here.
Around 9:00 in the morning, I went out to buy more food. There were about 5 people just before the store opened, so I felt that there were surprisingly many people.

日記 11月21日


From the story of Monster Hunter. The work in the land of guidance has reached a paragraph. I will do my best for a while after this today. From tomorrow, I would like to work on the PC.
I surfed the internet a little. When I looked it up, "I wish I could open the curtain automatically", I found a communication device that can be operated on the smartphone side and hangs on the curtain rail. I wish I could specify the time.

日記 11月20日


The first PC work was done from around 9:10 to 9:25. The second time I worked from 14:45 to 16:35. It was an input work in the Atom editor. I was building a random lottery language. To my knowledge, progress was difficult.
In the daytime, I played Monster Hunter and took out lunch at Restaurant Gusto for lunch. In Monster Hunter, we continued to collect materials in the land of guidance.
Well, the days before and after the clinic's consultation day, I had a little free time to work on my computer. I may not have been calm. I'm glad I didn't leave it alone (laughs).

日記 11月19日


The person working on the PC has taken a rest today as well. Did Noh turn on in Monster Hunter Play? (Laughs). If you don't set the zone level to 7, you won't be able to see the old dragons that have been in battle. It was very difficult.
I used home delivery tonight for the first time in a while. I made a phone order to have Margherita and vegetable pizza divided into 6 cut sizes 3: 3. I asked for sliced garlic as a topping. I'm looking forward to it.

日記 11月18日


I got home at 12:00 noon. I was thinking about working on a PC, but I ended up crazy about Monster Hunter. I collected the missing materials. I felt that the bones of the old dragons in the battle were difficult because the zone level had to be changed.
In the morning, I had a scale measurement at the clinic. I think I've gained a little less than + 2kg. After the consultation, I stopped by Hanamaru Udon. I ordered udon. Udon with "nabe scrambled eggs" and "ginger" was posted on the signboard. It seems to be "ginger egg ankake". So I ordered a medium size ginger egg ankake. When I came to the store, another customer said "two eggs", but I wondered what it was. The clerk was pouring two cups of so-called "delisious" scrambled eggs soup into a bowl of udon, so I was convinced later. I also had the vegetables kakiage in the tempura corner. Speaking of tempura, I thought it was the first time since Koromo was attached to "Chikuwa Ten", which is attached to more "Nori Bento", but this one has a crispy feeling like Arale, and I feel another goodness. ..

日記 11月17日


Today I started working at the PC seat from around 9:20. I confirmed the operation of the puzzle of game number 1 on the Pig Po site. Peace of mind. I thought that either the read type J query or https was stuck, but I'm glad I could improve it.
I called because I had the convenience of going out tomorrow (clinic consultation). However, because Wednesday was a holiday, he spoke to the handset alone after the beeping sound of the recording. I was a little nervous myself ...

日記 11月16日


Like yesterday's PC work, I did puzzle work. I worked from 8:30 to 10:00. The nice thing is that the blue frame of the puzzle and the number 15 of the piece have been swapped, though it's a little movement.
I think I took a lot of sleep yesterday from 20:30 to 7:30 this morning.
I went to Gust around 10:30 and went to eat the lunch menu on Tuesday, but I made a new discovery. While operating the touch panel in the store, if you press the button on the take-out menu, you may find that the take-out container with the lunch menu is on sale (surprise). So I took it home. There is no display in the online reservation menu. In addition, it seems that there is no replacement for miso soup or soup bar. I couldn't choose the toppings either. Instead, it feels like the price has dropped. The lunch menu on Tuesday was croquette & (kagome taste?) Sauce, 2 grilled chicken & garlic sauce, shredded cabbage & onion sauce jule. I will eat it from now on.

日記 11月15日


It's been working from around 8:40 on the PC seat. It's not the usual work, but the puzzle with game number 1 is strangely tingling when I can't play it, so I worked on this work. In the Atom editor. After eating rice in the afternoon, it resumed around 1:00. Until 16:50. Now that I'm sick, it's time to come again. (I was surprised that there were more parts I forgot than I expected ...)

日記 11月14日


The first PC work, from 7:20 to 7:45. I'm going back to my normal work and working with the operating language. The second time from around 8:50 to 9:50.
Around 10:00, I went to a more bento shop for a long time. I went on foot, but at the intersection, about eight cars stopped in a line until the green light came. At the shop, I bought a nori-bento and special pork soup. "I was able to buy pork soup. It was good." I'm looking forward to it. There was a new Chinese ankake bowl on the menu, and there was also a nori-bento using Hakata mentaiko.

日記 11月13日


I woke up around 5:00 in the morning, but I couldn't get out of the futon. After thinking a little, I decided to write an article about the memories of the athletic meet at school. Specifically, the container basket is hung with a stick of about 5 meters. Divided into two teams, we throw the ball into the aerial basket and put it in. 60 seconds time limit. The one with more balls in the basket wins. I have been in the PC seat since about 6:40. I worked on it while repeating progress and stop, such as drafting with a word document, thinking about illustrations with paint, and expressing on the drawing side. It was all through until around 13:30, but I felt a sense of accomplishment for the first time in a while.

日記 11月12日


The first PC work was done from 7:25 to 8:00. I moved the operating language, which was difficult to solve, to a newly created file and typed in something that was easier to see. Since I was working on this, it's been a while since the previous one was completed, but at this time the drop box task was over.
It's been a week since the replanting of Pachira on the 5th, but the oldest of the eight arms (arms or stems that support the leaves) turned yellow. .. Speaking of my mind, I think I used to put it by the window in my bedroom at night. I've found dead small insects still on the leaves with small spider webs, so I'll try to spray or water them after tomorrow when the temperature rises.
I went to Gust again around 10:40 in the morning, and this time I had a daily lunch menu on Friday. Two slices of Saikyo-yaki of young birds, vegetable croquette. It was a familiar salad. This time I had toppings. You changed the 13-grain rice and ordered an additional fried egg. When I brought my lunch home before, the spring roll lunch also had two pieces of grilled chicken. Saikyo-yaki chicken is like that. The fried egg was a beautiful circle, and the yolk was burnt and powdered in some places, and it was thickening. Lunch seems to be closed on Saturday and Sunday. It was also on the order panel, but marron-based desserts also have a good appetite.

日記 11月11日


Puzzle game. Apologies from administrators. 2021/11/11 Confirmed. I confirmed that the screen created with PNG is not displayed. I will post it. I'm sorry for those who played. And thank you.
I've become a regular customer when I go to Gusto for lunch, but I went to eat the menu on Thursday. The menu included hamburger steak (demi-glace sauce), vegetable croquette (sauce, taste similar to KAGOME sauce?), Cabbage and carrot salad (onion jule sauce). As with yesterday's menu, you can choose the type of rice, and today we had white rice served in large quantities. In the store, I select the menu on the touch panel, but there was a minor problem with the option that the soup bar could be changed to miso soup. The soup bar is all-you-can-drink, but it seems that there is only one cup of miso soup. The touch panel had a + mark or-mark that allows you to select the quantity, so I was told that if I ordered two cups, I would only have one, so I ordered one and learned from it. I'm also curious about the chicken menu tomorrow Friday.

日記 11月10日


Today I woke up at 4:00 in the morning and worked on PC work from 5:10 to 6:00. Continuing from yesterday, I searched Google for a site that could help me resolve errors. I looked at other people's sites, but when I tried to modify it by inputting it with my Atom editor, an error occurred, or it was executed with the input language disabled. The destination seems to be long.
When I saw the leaflet of Gusto, I wanted to eat the menu on Wednesday, so I left home around 10:30. I went to Gust and had a lunch menu in the store. Fried whitefish and tartar sauce ・ The hamburger steak had garlic sauce ・ The salad of carrots, cabbage and radish had onion sauce jule. It was delicious by itself, but it seems that you can use 13 kinds of grains for rice like when you visited the store before, and you can use the soup bar depending on the menu. I had it changed to miso soup. I'm sure that the miso soup is seasoned with dried small fish. I had them change it for free. I didn't add fried food toppings this time, so it was a little over 600 yen.

日記 11月9日


Today, I woke up around 3:00, took a bath, and checked the site key transfer relationship on my PC. After a while, I was working on the Atom editor, but it stopped working again. I'm doing quantity calculation (subtraction), and I need more conditional branching on the way, so I can't keep up with my mind. Was the indoor temperature a little hot today? I'm not feeling well so I'm taking a rest.

日記 11月8日

ガストの話ですが、以前弁当をテイクアウトした時に頂いた(チラシ?料理表?)にて日替わりランチがあることを知ったので、10:45辺りから店内でお食事をしました。ゆったりとした空間で、1時間程ランチ(私は食べるのが遅い)をしました。トッピング注文もできるみたいなので、白ごはんを十三穀米にしたり、白身フライを付けてもらったり。野菜コロッケやハンバーグとか、ちょっとメインが重たかったかな? 725円分味わえました。ファミリーレストランなのもあり、店内で食べるのなら他のお客さんの会話など我慢しないといけなかったりは私の教訓にしたいと思います。ランチは店内のみらしいです。内容を知れたので満足。

I started from the life of getting up at 6:30 in the morning. I also took 12 hours to sleep.
I've been thinking about it for a few days, but for today's PC work, I'm thinking about setting the key and copyright on pigpawcastle.com.
As for Gusto, I learned that there is a lunch menu for each day of the week from the (flyer? Cooking table?) I received when I took out the lunch box before, so I had a meal in the store around 10:45. bottom. I had lunch for about an hour in a spacious space (I'm sorry I eat slowly). It seems that you can also order toppings, so you can make 13 kinds of threshed rice from white rice or have fried white fish attached. Was the main dish a little heavy, like vegetable croquettes and hamburgers? I could taste it for 725 yen. There is also a family restaurant, so I would like to take my lesson that if you eat in the store, you have to put up with conversations with other customers. Lunch seems to be only in the store. I was happy because I was able to know the contents this time.

日記 11月7日

0時を過ぎて今日になります。入浴後にPC作業を開始しました。1回目 3:00から3:30まで、動作言語をやってました。うまく動かないことに苦戦しました。2回目は4:50から5:50まで。今までやってきたファイルだと300行を超えてて、ちょっと見づらいなと思った。入力していたものを、新規で作成したファイルに書き写して、見やすくした。この辺りで終わったと思う。

Play Monster Hunter for about 2 hours from around midnight. I played the event quest "If Rokka Sleeps Quietly" in multiplayer, but I went down three times. Without the next hunt, I immediately ended PS4 with that regret. I'm sure it was hard to see Velkhana because the time zone in the game was night (laughs).
It's past midnight and it's today. I started working on my PC after taking a bath. The first time from 3:00 to 3:30, I was doing the working language. I struggled with things that didn't work. The second time is from 4:50 to 5:50. The files I've been using so far have more than 300 lines, and I thought it was a little hard to see. I copied what I had entered into a newly created file to make it easier to see. I think it ended around here.
I was hungry around 2 pm, so I went to Gusto today. It's a white fried fish and a hamburger steak. The hamburger steak I ate today had less kogation, so it was easy to eat (I'm a little worried). Tartar sauce is also included, but this time I felt full, so I didn't open the seal.

日記 11月6日


I'm typing on the keyboard in front of my PC, but I've stopped working for several hours. By the way, all of a sudden, have you ever used a shopping site or something? Select a gender, set a delivery date and time so that the truck arrival date and time is convenient, and click on a place where you can select multiple items in the questionnaire. Form operations such as or. As I was working, the one that came up in the list when I clicked on the lower triangle mark seemed to suit me, so I would like to add that. Such a place.
By the way, I realized that I had forgotten to buy more natto (+ others) for 2 days. I will go after this.

日記 11月5日


I've been running a PC since about 3:00 today. Last time, I found a paint mistake. I would like to work on that as well. I finished one drawing surface between 3:10 and 3:55. After a break, I decided to cancel it. Around 8:40, a little modification was made to the one amplified by copy and paste, and another drawing surface was completed. This is the place for PCs. I had another idea today.
Whether or not to return the foliage plant Pachira to the room in the morning. There is a pot, but there is no soil. Even so, the lowest temperature has reached 7 degrees Celsius ... While thinking about whether the home improvement store was open at 9:00, it was about 15 minutes on foot toward the home improvement store from around 8:50, and I came back at 9:30. From there, I replanted Pachira until 10:30. What changed from anxiety to peace of mind was if the roots of pachira pierced the cardboard pot and entered the soil on the ground? Well, it wasn't that long. In November, I met a frog that turned brown when the soil was dropped, a large number of earthworms, a pill bug of various sizes, and a slug wearing soil. Since the sun was relatively strong, it may have been a safe line for the roots to be able to replant in about an hour.

日記 11月4日


I'm glad I slept well after that.
When I looked into the refrigerator to make rice, I found that the natto was left and three yogurts were left. I choose natto because it has a lot of days left for the expiration date, but I like the type of natto that has sauce stored in the lid because it is easy to eat.
I use Gusto for my lunch. I haven't been there since November. I also received "Karaage Teriyaki Don" (with teriyaki sauce and tartar sauce). There is a large amount of rice in the ordering option, but I was happy that it was free.

日記 11月3日


Have you talked a lot about PCs these days? I'm the caretaker of Pig Po Castle. Hello. Continuation of operating language from 2:40 to 3:40. During this time, one drawing surface was completed. After a break, about 10 minutes after about 4:30, my thoughts became unclear, so I will end here.
I entered the futon around 7 am, but the fire engine was making noise around 10 am. After getting up and taking a bath and eating, I worked on the PC. At 12:30 noon, I finished one piece (fifth piece). Also, I just adjusted the balance of the 4th display that was completed. At 2:00 pm, I thought I'd go back to the futon here, but I couldn't sleep for two hours. Hey, I feel like it's okay, but I'm thinking of taking a break from the PC editor input work tomorrow.

日記 11月2日


Perhaps because I was absorbed in Monster Hunter, the start of PC work was delayed by about 2 hours today, but it was fun so I decided it was OK. I played Monster Hunter from about 00:00 to 1:30. Multiplayer is fun because you can play together.
The first hour is from 3:10 to 4:10. I took a break. I worked hard from 4:40 to 4:55 and drew one sheet. I finished making one, but I felt a sense of accomplishment.

日記 11月1日


After finishing the customary side dish purchase, I went home and got out of the bath. Then it was November.
(1) The 10% discount ticket for the udon shop, which can only be reached by train, was at the end of October. I couldn't consume the ticket. (2) The quota for PC work (made by myself) is the end of December, so the deadline has not passed. But I'm impatient. ③ I was worried about the dessert corner of Seven-Eleven, and I was worried about more pork soup, but when I walked, it was too far away and it was cold, so I ended up not being able to go. ④ Pachira has been left alone for more than 10 days. There may be some confusion during the work, but I would like to do my best this month as well.
Today's work was done slowly. In the first hour, I was doing the working language from 0:40 to 1:10. The second hour is from 2:10 to 3:20, the continuation of the operating language and frame production. The same work from 4:15 to 4:40 in the third hour. It was a schedule.
By the way, when I was hoarding, I was thinking of drinking it someday, so I tried Kikkoman's soy milk drink cocoa flavor around 8:00 in the morning (dinner?). Is cocoa, soy milk, and the taste of cocoa fifty-fifty? I found that the back of the paper carton said "Why don't you start living with soy milk?" I ate natto at the table, but people who are busy commuting by train cannot eat natto on a crowded train ...

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