日記 2月27日


Challenge the intermediate level (normal rules) of Minesweeper. The composition of 16x16 squares took longer than expected to capture. From the result, it was cleared. The elapsed time to clear is 2 minutes and 39 seconds. This time there was no part of the decision based on fate. The number of land mines lurking around the area that appeared is from 1 to 4, which is easy as a difficulty level. It also came with a score function. There was also a thyme score and a mine release bonus.

日記 2月26日


Today, I organized the files on my computer. I was working on a trash can and failed. There were nearly 40 images and a gif among them, but I accidentally deleted them because the file location was too complicated. I still have the knowledge to fix the uploaded image, but I find it awkward to fix the gif. On the other hand, I ate yogurt. Sweetness that becomes a habit.

日記 2月25日


I was hungry yesterday, so while I was thinking of ordering a simple pizza, I had a delivery system, so I tried using it. I ordered a small size simple pizza. The pizza that came after ordering was a simple topping with ketchup and cheese. However, the warmth and texture were good, and I was able to get a feeling of fullness. (The one with a lot of cheese and bacon on another menu is irresistible, isn't it?)

日記 2月23日


Today I played Monster Hunter Iceborn. There is also a co-op function, but this time I noticed that there were not enough tools, so I collected consumable items. At the Vegetation Research Institute, "Power Seed", "Seeds of Patience", and "Camp back ball?" I adventured in 3 places. In the wasteland of the Great Anthill, we collected "thunder worms". I collected (a material that captures monsters with numbness) and "light bugs" (a tool that is attached to a slinger and blinds monsters when fired). Next, I rushed into the valley of disability because I wanted tools. Here, "Spider's Nest" and "Oni Nitrodake" were collected. The third place departs for the frozen land. We carried out mass production work of "hot drinks" that can be made by collecting peppers. I feel the real thrill of playing alone.

日記 2月21日


I played Puzzle and Dragon's for the first time in a long time. You can get more magic stones and gacha mails than the old puzzle and dragon's. Since his Possession value of my "+ point" was low, I made a super-reincarnation evolution of "Monster Hino Kagutsuchi" and challenged the + point dungeon. Even with the leader skill "Chase", I was able to clear it with a simple operation. Around the end of October, There was a collaboration between "Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba" and puzzle and Dragon's. I did a lot of gacha. When I did the gacha, "Tamayo" was in my account as a puzzle and dragon's monster. "I came. It was a skill to create a new recovery drop on the board in a row and give a key mark. I thought that I could immediately activate the leader skill of Hino Kagutsuchi. When I actually introduced it, it matched. There was also a difficulty. There is an upper limit to the damage of chasing. Therefore, you can not win unless you appoint another monster in a dungeon with high difficulty etc. That point is to improve the formation and assemble the tactics. This time I was happy that I was able to replenish + points to some extent.

日記 2月20日


I played the Microsoft game Minesweeper. I tried the beginner's class twice to smooth my shoulders, and then challenged the daily challenge. In this "Daily Challenge", 3 games are selected from beginner, intermediate, and advanced games, and the rules are also arranged. Play it I tried to challenge from the advanced level, but the rules here were like this. The center 6x6 square of the operation area is a wall design. ・ Flags can be used in places where land mines are usually expected, but flags were prohibited by this rule. There is also an easy setting. "Mine button" is safe even if you step on it up to 2 times. If you can release 10 squares from the whole, it will be treated as clear. I'm glad that the old Minesweeper has evolved so far.

日記 2月18日

本日は夕食の代わりにCENZ BARを召しました。スナック菓子を食べている感覚で食べられましたーん。私は鶏唐揚げも好きなのですが、こちらも暗示掛けのつもりでいけたぞ(笑)。

Today I had CENZ BAR instead of dinner. I was able to eat it as if I was eating a snack. I also like fried chicken, but on days when I really wanted to eat fried chicken, I hinted at my appetite and survived my appetite at CENZ BAR (laughs).
When I stopped by Seven-Eleven yesterday, "Mekabu (seaweed)" was placed on the display shelf. I put it in a 1-pack shopping cart. The long-awaited feeling is exaggerated, but I'm happy to buy it for the time being.

日記 2月15日

私はコンビニで買い物をするときに、メカブ(海藻類)があると1,2個買うのですが、今日も寄ってみたら残念ながら売り切れ。乾燥わかめ台所にまだ残ってたかな?… ソフールの方はたくさんお店に陳列してあったので1個単品を買ったよ。

When I shop at a convenience store, I buy one or two "mekabu" (seaweed), but unfortunately it is sold out when I stop by today. I wonder if it was still left in the dried wakame kitchen? There was my favorite kind of yogurt on the display shelf in the store. I bought one of the yogurts separately.
I've used antitussive expectorants several times, but I'm getting used to my throat, so I've stopped. If you think it worked, you can make an antibody.It's programing. I think it's similar to a fight to solve an error or an unknown part of study.

日記 2月12日


I had udon for eating out today after a long absence. I ordered Yamakake Udon regular size. It was a relaxing time. I wonder if my stomach was a little heavy because I had regular fasting times.
Play Monster Hunter Ice Bone for the first time in a while. This time, I participated because there were more rescue signals from Valhazak than I expected. My armor was perfected "with the effect of resistance to abnormal conditions". I fought while supporting with a hunting whistle. Valhazak's skill, the obstacle of the attack that reduces the maximum value of the player's physical strength is terrible. On the way, I got it because I thought it was unusual for the environmental creature "Kiccho^udragonfry" to fly around.

日記 2月10日

ところで、かなり前に注文したCENZ BARという栄養食品が届いていたので試食をしてみた。味は悪くなかったし、継続できるものならやってみたい。このセンズバー、ウチではちょっと高いので3日に1本ぐらいかな~。楽しみにしている未来食。

The work has stopped, so I started translating today. This work is likely to be done for a while.
By the way, I received a nutritional food called "CENZ BAR" that I ordered a long time ago, so I tried it. The taste wasn't bad and I would love to try something that can be continued. This CENZBAR is a little expensive in my house, so maybe once every 3 days. I'm looking forward to "future food".

日記 2月8日


I think I was able to concentrate on computer work yesterday. I concentrated on 30 minutes and an hour and a half in the morning and two hours in the evening. In the morning, I tried to make a gif. Ideally, I would make the depiction in paint like a flip book, but since I am an amateur, I drew it with "enlarge the sketch size to a maximum of 800 pixels". The result turned into a pixel art (laughs).

日記 2月5日


I tried desk work to see if the energy drinks sold at convenience stores could improve my concentration. In my case, it takes 1 hour and 30 minutes. It was sweet and delicious.
Next ... what should I try (laughs)? "puzzle game". I'd like to be honest about how to operate the puzzle game, such as making it possible to move diagonally or using the keyboard, but it's a difficult part. "submission form make training".
The other day, when I practiced sending the submission form, I got an error, so I deleted it. .

日記 2月2日


I also received a powder-type antitussive expectorant via mail order. I have a runny nose recently, so I want it to work.
that it would return again after about 3 hours. But I've endured it so far, so I'm saved. Monster Hunter put out a survey quest purple frame with rescue and enjoyed it with the participants.

日記 2月1日


Current progress. Well, I spend a lot of time wrestling with errors. Actually, I'm doing regular fasting in parallel, so I can't concentrate easily and I'm feeling stagnant. However, I try to sit for 3 hours. "yo^gulut" is the one that moisturizes Kawaki. That sweetness is addictive.
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