日記 6月30日


I went out from the afternoon today. The bank was the main, but I also dropped in at the home improvement store. At that time, I also used the railroad a little. I was hungry on the way, so I ate and drank at the Yoshinoya. I didn't know, but was curry on the menu? So I got a curry with cheese. That curry is probably more than medium spicy. It felt like cheese neutralized it mildly.

日記 6月29日


I challenged Miraboreas with Monster Hunter Iceborn. It's an old dragon with top-class strength that you can't easily win by yourself. I noticed the cause of the defeat while I was doing it. Most of the time, when evacuating to the south of the fort, I was often fighting on the other side and not in time. In the worst case, the breath that spreads in a triangular shape can be returned with a camp back ball. The powerful breath that the receptionist warns can survive if it is a little late because the blessing beads are activated occasionally. Today's harvest was two evil eyes. I want to make use of it the next time I play.

日記 6月28日


When I was little, I remembered when I did a Police and prisoner running competition in an English class. The name I was talking about was MENY MENY MANY MORE. I was curious, so I looked it up and found a song. It seems that Eeny, meeny, miny, moe were correct. I wasn't good at running myself. I used to take the lowest rank in physical education classes. The story has become physical education, but I was singing and participating with a smile ... I wonder (laughs)?

日記 6月27日


I challenged Miraboreas with a big sword with Monster Hunter Iceborn. I wondered if I could remember my arm, so I challenged myself. I myself forgot the position of the cannon and barista. Then there was the slinger blast method peculiar to Miraboreas. I noticed various points, such as not being able to bring it down. And above all, I was amazed at the high attack power of the opponent and the heavy use of flame breath.
I proceeded with PC work around noon. I bought a reference book for working languages, and I am struggling with the exercises in the book.
Recently, there was an article that I was a little worried about, "Fasting with salt and water for 3 days". In my case, I stock up on food and eat it when it's nearby, so I'd like to take on the challenge while watching the time. I want to start with patience for a day.

日記 6月26日


Eating out in the store after a long absence. I went to Sanuki udon shop and ordered wakame udon. I was feeling hungry today, so I made it the same size. I feel like I ate a chewy udon that I can eat only because I go to the store, which is different from the type that is boiled in a one-handed pot at home. I also had lotus root tempura in the fried food corner.
Actually, there was another reason for going out. The number of half sleeves was so short that I stopped by the fashion center. The inside of the store is too large, and the direction onchi has been activated.

日記 6月25日


I saw PC work in the morning and Pachira in the afternoon.
I had Gyoza for lunch. I haven't eaten for a long time. It was Gyoza with perilla inside. The scent was good. It came with a sauce, but I'm the one who doesn't sprinkle on Gyoza ... I sometimes eat natto. I eat this with sauce from time to time. I'm full because there is a lot of gyoza.
I confirmed that Pachira was growing. Now, the plant has a fourth small leaf stem, but the three leaves are BIG than when fertilizer was applied before.

日記 6月24日


I played Minesweeper three times today. I used to challenge the intermediate level, but this time I challenged the advanced level. I decided to look for land mines in a fairly large area, 30 squares wide x 16 squares high. The result was defeated three times. The second and third times were similar losses. I was caught in a land mine with about 4 clicks on the square. The first challenge was a decent result. Just after half the screen was filled, I encountered a land mine. It was a game where one decision was fatal.
I played a fighting tournament following Monster Hunter Iceborn. I did a quest where Diablos and Diablos variants are hunted. The location was small and it was difficult to avoid two attacks. The good thing was that we could use weapons that could be guarded, such as lances and big swords? Expecting that the coins we collected could be used to create powerful weapons.

日記 6月23日


I played Monster Hunter Iceborn for about an hour. Continuing from the previous one, I challenged Nargakurga with a lance at a fighting tournament. The tools were prepared. I ate meat, raised my stamina, and set out. Even though Narga's attacks hit four times, my health gauge still remains. I wonder if the battle side was decent. I tried to make a slinger attack when the eye icon was yellow, but it failed quite a bit. Most of my defeats are this. I was able to beat it in about 25 minutes.
I suddenly heard thunder today, so I was wondering what was going on, but suddenly it started to rain, so I hurriedly put the laundry in the room. The wind was also strong. Rainwater was flowing over the road as if it were rippling. Well, it stopped, but it was amazing.

日記 6月22日


The freezing of Matsuya's pork, which I ordered from amazon, is over today. I chose 10 bags and prepared "Let's eat in case of emergency", but I visited there frequently. A flood of rice (laughs). I sometimes order water from amazon. Convenient.
PC also proceeded with the work. The number of PigPawQuiz questions has increased. If you like it again, please.
The temperature is getting higher. I also want to manage my physical condition and rehydrate.

日記 6月21日


I did Monster Hunter. I looked into the blacksmith. I was thinking about making a weapon. You can get it at the blacksmith when you get coins by fighting in the arena. There are rules in the fighting competition. However, I felt that the defense power was lower than the equipment I usually use, and it was difficult to fight while maintaining physical strength with the prepared items. Especially the hunters who are making Tenjho Tenge Tenchi Musou swords and those who are introduced on youtube have overcome this battle, so I think it's wonderful.

日記 6月20日


I didn't have any food at home so I went shopping. By the way, when I looked at the shelves in the corners of yogurt and Yakult, he found Soity. When I drank it, it tasted like black tea Kaden. Since it is soy, it contains soybean ingredients and caffeine.
I have work left, so I'll do my best.

日記 6月19日


For lunch, I bought yakisoba at takeout and went home. Specifically, I ordered udon for the noodles, so is it yaki udon? At 680 yen, there was a lot of volume and I was full. I felt the sauce was very spicy, probably because I didn't eat much salt in my daily diet.
Then, I browsed the salt page on amazon. Hmmmm, Hakata's salt is familiar in TV commercials. There were natural salt, refined salt, and even rock salt. Other medical books about salt were on sale, which was intriguing.

日記 6月18日


I would say that it's the same everyday life. Hello. I wonder if it was a schedule with a lot of PC work. Today, I did some data entry work, correction work due to mistakes, and a little bit of the operating language. After all, my shoulders seemed to be damaged.
I relied on home delivery for lunch. It's a familiar pizza. Thank you for your hard work in the rain. I am satisfied because it was a freshly made warm pheasant.
Pachira was happy to see that the shoots were growing from the time I saw the situation on the 14day.

日記 6月17日


For lunch, I ate a lot of pork soup from 7-Eleven. I wonder why it was delicious after a long time.
I mainly worked on PC. Well, after 30 minutes it won't last (laughs). Looking at the total, I feel like I was seated for 3 hours today. I feel that the temperature in the room is rising rapidly. Did the air conditioner become my best friend? I hope it cools the heat in my head ...?

日記 6月16日

ドラッグストアに寄ってみた。冷凍食品のコーナーの角を曲がった辺りの棚にはヨーグルトが置いてあった。「カスピ海ヨーグルト」って聞いたことありませんか?もちろんソフールもありましたよ♪。カスピの方も気になったものですから、買ってみました。ちょっと面白い構造だなと思ったところがあって、ヨーグルトの表面はスプーンですくうと、簡単にすくえるのですが、途中から粘り気を感じた。そう言えば北海道産の生乳が入っているって書いてあったね。案の定、無糖のヨーグルトだったので、私はBASE BREADのチョコ味と一緒に食べたよ。味が濃厚に感じたのはヨーグルトが私の舌をデフォルトの状態にしてくれたからかもしれない(笑)。

I stopped by a drug store. Yogurt was placed on the shelves around the corner of the frozen food corner. Have you ever heard of "Caspian Sea Yogurt"? Of course, there was also Yakult's sweet yogurt ♪. I was also interested in Caspian Sea yogurt, so I bought it. I thought it was a little interesting structure, and I could easily scoop the surface of the yogurt with a spoon, but I felt sticky from the middle. By the way, it was written that it contained raw milk from Hokkaido. Sure enough, it was sugar-free yogurt, so I ate it with the chocolate flavor of BASE BREAD. The taste was so rich that yogurt made my tongue the default (laughs).

日記 6月15日


When I looked at the amazon page, there was a notice of Prime Day. Do you have anything you plan to get? I received a face shaving tool from amazon the other day, and I plan to use it in the near future.
Monster Hunter also plays for about 80 minutes. I practiced with a penetrating bullet heavy bow gun. I fought against Buff Baro and Diablos. Since the monster is big, it was easy to hit the bullet. I got the feeling of continuous damage. There are some parts that I found difficult. Shoot from the right position at a distance from the monster. The damage was greater than I expected, and I'm glad I had the exhilaration of hitting multiple bullets during play.

日記 6月14日


Today, I was watering in the morning, reading a book, doing trial and error, and relying on delivery in the evening. Pachira had a new third small leaf. It's a type of fertilizer that you put on, but it disappears somewhere soon. I want you not to get lost this time ...
For delivery, I ordered pizza. It was a 6-cut size pizza, one of which was Margherita and the other was a pizza with bacon and corn.
In Japan, the sentence of restrictions on going out will be lifted soon. let's do our best.

日記 6月13日

久しぶりにMicrosoft Minesweeperをプレイした。何をしたのかというと中級の16マス×16マスを3本勝負。結果は1回戦は地雷を踏んでしまい失敗。マスによる手がかりが見当たらなかったので仕方ないっすね。2回戦は2分45秒でという結果です。こちらは運が絡む要素がありつつも地雷を踏むことは無かったね。ちなみに、あらかじめ旗を建てておいて、右クリックで枠をまとめて開くテクニックをご存知だとタイムはより早くなりますよね。3回戦目は2分31秒とちょっと早く終わりました。5の表示が2マス連続で出たのはさすがに驚いたぞ。

I played Microsoft Minesweeper for the first time in a while. What I did was to play the intermediate level three times. It is 16 x 16 squares. As a result, the first round failed because I stepped on a land mine. I couldn't help because I couldn't find any clues. The result of the second round is 2 minutes and 45 seconds. There was an element of luck here, but I never stepped on a land mine. By the way, if you know the technique of building a flag in advance and opening the frames together by right-clicking, the time will be faster. The third round ended a little early at 2 minutes 31 seconds. I was really surprised that the display of 5 appeared for 2 squares in a row.

日記 6月12日


I spend some time reading and taking a nap today. I get tired, hydrate and finish the toilet. And go to bed. Toilet when you wake up. Then rehydrate. Then resume reading. I set up such my own rules and put them into practice. While wondering if hydration can prevent you from getting hungry ... (laughs). I think I've advanced about 12 pages today.
Monster Hunter has done 2 quests. Thumbnail color purple Evil Joe was difficult. It has been made into Kotenpan. He went with a heavy bow gun, but he couldn't compete with the dragon-type breath that stayed in play. You can't let your guard down even if you put on a strong wall bead. The second quest fought against Dino Baldo, as the hunter's direction had to be taken into consideration for the success of the guard. This was a one-sided advantage with a lot of stuns. Before I knew it, the capture mark had appeared. It was a time of 8 minutes and 32 seconds.

日記 6月11日


This is a continuation of the other day's tidying up. I went to the home center to buy cardboard today. The Amazon cardboard that I discarded yesterday was small as a "tool holder", so I bought a size 100 cardboard. When I got home, I noticed that there was almost no tape left when I tried to coat it with gum tape when assembling. I think I'll be indebted to you again (laughs).
For lunch, I had the frozen spaghetti bolognese thawed. I forgot to buy and consume. It was spaghetti with the umami of chicken (soboro).

日記 6月10日


I cleaned up today. It's a collection of receipts and a cardboard box that arrives from amazon. I think everyone has experience with this on a daily basis. A receipt that you can get if you shop at the store and make a payment. The size of paper is small from the beginning. There were receipts in my room. I broke it and then threw it away. After breaking about 10 sheets, I feel that my childhood and fun have revived.
Monster Hunter also plays for about an hour. Since the Mufeto Jiva event is coming, we decided to make a penetrating heavy. You need materials to make hunter equipment. very much. I'm looking forward to it being completed.

日記 6月9日


I had spaghetti meat sauce for lunch. I was satisfied because there was a decent amount.
This is the topic of my work. Yesterday I made a change to the language of the puzzle game. I tried changing var to let, but after a few minutes I couldn't figure it out and gave up. Continuing from yesterday, I tried to install the anaconda software introduced in the video. However, there is a vicious cycle such as not proceeding due to an error, not finding the folder, or feeling unwell. However, when I saw the Tetris game introduced in the video, I thought it would be nice to experience the satisfaction of having all of them and the sense of accomplishment such as the score exceeding 1000.

日記 6月8日


I was hungry around 3 pm, so I used Soyjoy's blueberries. Are you all soyjoy and do you have a favorite taste? I have also eaten almonds before. The bite was decent.
Since last week, I have been increasing the watering interval of Pachira. It will dry quickly in a unglazed pot. The leaves were a little bigger than yesterday morning.
Monster Hunter did the quest for Mufeto Jiva. I played about two sets. I want to have a complete set of attributes for the red dragon weapon lance. Now that I've mastered Lance's counter-clutch attack, I'd like to enter the rescue signal quest with this.

日記 6月7日


I got up this morning and watered and fertilized. The leaves didn't feel much different from when I saw them on the 2nd. And this time too, I went somewhere with Promic solid fertilizer. What's wrong (laughs).
Monster Hunter fished in the frozen land to replenish recovery items. The aim is Dossashimi fish. It has a bead that negates the reduction of recovery items at a rate. However, the number of scales is still decreasing. There is a hole in the frozen camp that can be broken with a small barrel bomb. I have an image of a chimney, but that image is right? When you fall through a hole in the central camp and go out to a large fishing spot, a large sashimi fish is usually swimming. For the time being, I want to collect 30 animals.

日記 6月6日


The inside of the room was like a heat island, so I threw the work on the way. The foliage plant Pachira is scheduled to be watered around tomorrow. I'm looking forward to seeing how big it is.
I was looking for food on amazon. So-called instant food. Looking at the beef bowl page, I found that the source of the Yoshinoya, Matsuya, and Sukiya beef bowls was on sale. What I was surprised at was that they also sold a series of pork bowls and oyakodon. I ordered the original 10 bags of pork bowl. When it actually arrived, it was a little difficult. The frozen paper box was unlikely to fit in the freezer, so the paper box was torn and disassembled. 10 bags have a smart shape, so you can compactly put them in the freezer. The bag is bigger than I expected! When I actually eat it, the ultra-thin slices of pork, onions, and the soup on the rice go well together. I'm glad that I rolled the rice with pork and ate it. I tried it and thought it was better than eating out like pizza.

日記 6月5日

午前10時頃からモンハンアイスボーンでムフェトジーヴァをやって、午後からPC作業をやるっていう日程でした。動画を見つつキーボードをたたく作業は慣れるまで大変だった。実際は途中で視聴をやめて、我流での考えで制作の続きをやりました。よってピッグポー クイズというのを新たに置いたので、良かったらやってみてね。

It was a schedule to do Mufeto Jiva at Monster Hunter Iceborn from around 10 am and start PC work from the afternoon. The task of hitting the keyboard while watching the video was difficult until I got used to it. Actually, I stopped watching on the way and continued the production with my own way of thinking. Therefore, I added a new pig po quiz, so please try it if you like.
I ate Hotto Motto Nori Taru Bento. It's called a fried food trio, but it has fried chicken, fried white fish, and minced meat cutlet. Tartar sauce was in a common case. I think my stomach is getting better (laughs).

日記 6月4日


Hello, I am benefiting from the fact that the room temperature is a little comfortable due to the rain. I want to start working on a PC today. Factors such as room temperature, long-term posture, toilet, and appetite are involved, but the temperature feels good, so I'll do my best.
I did about 2 hunts for Monster Hunter yesterday. I changed the equipment of the big sword that I am accustomed to handling because the rare species of Rio Leia in the battle were accumulated in the investigation quest. I wanted to put refractory beads and poisonous beads, but I couldn't get one frame for the poisonous beads, so I brought a detoxification item, a flash ball and a trap, and even scales of Dossashimiuo to challenge. Although my physical strength never became 0, I often fight with my physical strength. The land of dragon crystals was a dangerous stage because the icicles of the crystals fell depending on the location.

日記 6月3日

私的に特に進展がなかった日になってしまった。BASE BREADの追加分が今日届いた。何味を注文したかというとプレーンです。チョコ味は一時的に飽きちゃったかな(笑)。
BASE BREADに加えて、昼食はそばを食べました。最近つかってたので、財布を寝かせようと思います(笑)。

It's been a day when I haven't made any progress. An additional BASE BREAD arrived today. What taste I ordered is plain. I wonder if I got tired of the chocolate flavor temporarily (laughs).
PC work was absent. I browsed the tea (Japanese tea, green tea, etc.) page on amazon. As an image, I wanted to try solid tea. Besides, the tea ceremony has been around for a long time. Recently, yogurt was used for health-related and cosmetology, and "banana skin whitens teeth". Well, I realized that my common sense was a little late ...
In addition to BASE BREAD, I ate soba for lunch. I've been using it recently, so I'm going to put my wallet to sleep (laughs).

日記 6月2日

もっちりクレープのシリーズに新しいやつかな。セブンイレブンの棚を見てみるとティラミス味が置いてあったので、買ってみました。中にはティラミスクリームと、ココアスポンジが入っているんだって。早速空けてLet's eat。ひとかじりすると大人の苦さが口いっぱいに広がりますん。生クリームは甘さ控えめだね。チョコスポンジも濃厚なティラミスには味負けしちゃうのかな。もちもちしたクレープは歯ごたえがいいですね。200円しないからお手頃なおやつ感。あっという間にごちそうさま。

It's a new one in the crepe series. When I looked at the 7-Eleven shelves, I found a tiramisu flavor, so I bought it. It contains tiramisu cream and cocoa sponge. Let's eat immediately. If you bite into it, the bitterness of adults will spread to your mouth. Fresh cream is modest in sweetness. I wonder if the chocolate sponge will lose its taste to the rich tiramisu. The chewy crepe is crunchy. It's not 200 yen, so it's a reasonable snack. Feast in no time.

日記 6月1日


The temperature has risen in June from today. Physical condition management has become severe both by refraining from going out and by taking measures against heat stroke. Hello. While doing pc work this morning, I wondered if I escaped when my head became unclear and played with Monster Hunter once, set a rule and escaped about twice and repeated. (I did it with a break, but the word hunting is not correct. The first time I did a survey quest for Kururuyak, and after a while, another quest. This time, I received an order for a survey quest for 3 experienced battles. I fought against 3 battles of Tigalex, Anjanaf subspecies, and Purple Odgaron subspecies. I called the player with a rescue signal and cleared it in about 30 minutes. I ordered 4 pieces of fried chicken lunch. The tartar sauce mixed with egg white and the fried chicken with garlic made me feel more elegant than usual. I will continue to work hard in the afternoon.

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