日記 7月31日


Mogumogu was completed by working all night for two consecutive days. It may be tricky to erase 20 animals. Please play if you like.
Lunch is hotto motto and take out. I ordered a nori-bento, but I wonder if I wrote this before. It seems that sauce or soy sauce is included in the lunch box as an option. By the way, when I told him to remove it, he just said that it was attached, so I thought I couldn't remove it. When that happens, even the process of making a bento box feels suspicious ... I decided to eat it with a little sauce.

日記 7月30日


This time I stopped by the restaurant Gust. I found out that there was a takeout, so I brought back the hamburger steak and fried whitefish lunch and got it. With the order option, I was able to increase the amount of rice. I increased the rice and paid the amount. Still, it's a nice place to eat for less than 500 yen. It came with tartar sauce, but I ate it over rice instead of fried whitefish. The food that comes to my mouth doesn't stop. Under the hamburger, a small amount of shredded cabbage appeared. The last thing left when I finished eating was hamburger steak, not rice.Is there anyone you can sympathize with? (Laughs)

日記 7月29日

BASE BREADが本日の主な食事になった。私はプレーン味がちょっと苦く感じるのですが、緑茶粉末を溶かした水と一緒に飲むと、プレーン本来のおいしさっていうのが引き出せたような気がしました。もちろんチョコレート味はかなり甘くなるぞ(笑)。

This morning I spent some time reading and then working on my PC. I mainly learned how to draw lines. Marks I didn't know and small works were drawn, which was helpful.
BASE BREAD has become today's main meal. I feel the plain taste is a bit bitter, but when I drink it with water in which green tea powder is dissolved, I feel that the original taste of plain can be brought out. Of course, the chocolate taste will be quite sweet (laughs).

日記 7月28日


I used Hotto Motto for lunch. I was worried because the bento boxes I chose when I went to the store were becoming a standard item. I tried the mackerel grilled lunch box with dried bonito sprinkled on rice. The volume trio of mackerel, fried whitefish, and fried chikuwa stood out as side dishes (laughs). You can also order the grilled mackerel here as a single item. The mackerel is a low cost of 120 yen, so the thin bones remain.
When I pick up the story of bones, Sukiya also has a mackerel menu, and as far as I ate it, I feel like I had no bones. It is a large product and is sold separately for 260 yen. It goes very well with the grated radish in another cup. The last time I bought it was a few months ago, but it looks like it was heavy(fish oil).

日記 7月27日


When I stopped by the food corner of the drug store, I found a drink called "almond effect", so I bought it. The package had an almond mark on a white and light blue background, giving it a calm image. I drank it with the image of almonds as a snack, but I was surprised because it tasted like almonds without any salt. Also, I felt like I was drinking milk. It didn't taste like a quick drink, but it makes me want to recommend it to those who are refraining from sugar.

日記 7月26日


I played with Puzzle & Dragons for about an hour. It seems that the collaboration gacha has started in Puzzle & Dragons from today. It seems that it is a collaboration that fights against the opponent with magic. I had never heard of it. I felt kind because I was able to get it about 3 times without using magic stones in the in-game email. Another gacha event, there was a gacha called GungHo Collaboration. I tried to aim for Empress Belial, who has a high degree of rarity, but unfortunately it did not come out. That said, the water-based Loki, which is also highly rare, has arrived. Gacha events will come again regularly, so I'd like to aim again next time.

日記 7月25日


I saw a little bit of women's tennis at the Olympics. I used to play soft tennis in school club activities, but when I was a referee, I was in charge of the referee and the assistant referee, so I played the role of two people. On the other hand, the Olympic referees increased the number of people to about four, picking up the ball and checking the outline. I want every player to make good use of their efforts.

日記 7月24日


I feel like I've become a more store lunch enthusiast lately. Hello, I'm Pig Po Castle Manager. This time I took out Oyakodon. I was a little worried about fat, so I chose Oyakodon and Hijiki simmered. The texture of the egg was soft. I thought it would be nice because I could buy it for 400 yen.
I ordered a flowerpot and a pot plate from Yodobashi Camera and it arrived today. As expected, corrugated cardboard became fragile when watered, and the bottom part was damp and mildew was a little noticeable, so I learned it from myself. When I came up with the idea, the roots were cramped and I felt sorry for them, so I thought that cardboard would be wide, so I made it into a pot shape. Well, the soil didn't crack or the stems didn't crack, so it's OK ...

日記 7月23日


When I searched on google, I found something called dark mode. But how do you get it back? I struggled to get it back, so I searched for things like how to fix it and light mode. However, I could not find a way to return it. I will describe the procedure until the screen returns to the white state. In my case, how did I get it back? 1. I jumped to the google homepage. 2. Click on the 9 dots in the upper right corner to bring up the menu. 3. Click google shopping. 4. Search for anything such as the Roman alphabet a or basebread. 5. When the screen appears, there is a moon mark on the upper right. When you click it, the screen turns white and it is restored. You can set it to dark mode here as well. I had an interesting experience.

日記 7月22日


Again, I took advantage of Hotto Motto takeout. Special Nori Tal lunch for dinner. It had more toppings than a regular nori-bento. I was satisfied with the large volume of fried white fish and tartar sauce. The only disappointment was that there was an option to change to wheat rice for +30 yen in the rice part, but it is currently suspended.
I'm reading for about an hour. I am entering what is written in the reference book and struggling with the problem.

日記 7月21日


Today's lunch was a relieved lunch. I ate pork ginger-grilled lunch and chikuwa tempura at home. Pork ginger was cooked with a lot of oil. Even so, the seasoning was strong and the rice was wrapped.
Continuing from yesterday, I did a Rajan quest in Monster Hunter and got 50 tickets. I got used to it after a series of battles. Still I often lose. There are attacks that I am not good at. Personally, I'm not good at crushing the ground from jumps. Because the attack range is wide.

日記 7月20日


I didn't have an idea for today's PC work, so I played Monster Hunter for 2 hours. What kind of quest you did is the golden trophy. The furious Rajan became even stronger and appeared in the arena. I challenged with dragon equipment, so the damage was allowed up to twice. Rajan's movement was so quick that he often disappeared from sight and was attacked. I called a companion at the rescue signal and defeated him together. If you clear it, you will get a delicious ticket, so it's a good idea to try it.

日記 7月19日


In addition to lunch, I had a yogurt called Danon Bio. It was divided into 4 parts and it was easy to eat. I think both have advantages and disadvantages with large yogurts like BifiX. There is a lot of it, so when I wrote it before, I think it was a little tough to eat in addition to the staple food. I would like to go on the Danon Bio route from now on (laughs).
I haven't eaten Soful recently (laughs).
Also, looking at other sites, it seems wrong to use the space key to create the first blank. I'm used to adjusting with the space key and enter key (laughs).

日記 7月18日


I had a mosquito sucking mark on my left arm today, so I tried Hepasoft. Experiment around 7 minutes. However, it did not itch. Muhi is probably better.
I browsed the news page because I wanted to know the current status of Puzzle & Dragons. What caught my eye was the emergence of new awakening skills. With 3 colors, 2.5 times, with 4 colors ... The attack magnification was getting higher and higher. What kind of character will have the skill?
Then I went to the home center to see the bird damage countermeasure goods. I had a green net and a bag-shaped countermeasure tool, but I am a stainless steel trap. It was on amazon, but it was a little big. Unfortunately, I had to go home without any at the store.

日記 7月17日


Today was a time to collect and think about ideas by working on a PC, which was a bit of a mess. I think the working time is over 4 hours.
Maybe because I'm watering during the sunset time, when I come back, some mosquito sucking marks will remain. Does the anti-itch "Hepasoft" purchased from amazon work? I'll try it.

日記 7月16日


I'm glad that the trunk of Pachira has become thicker recently. I felt that the No. 4 bowl seemed a little cramped. So last night, I made a cardboard box and made an original bowl. (Although I cut off the extra part of the cardboard and made a hole as a drainage port.) Then, I went to DCM Daiki at the home center and chose soil for foliage plants and bought it. It was. I bought a large size of soil, so I was surprised to find that one bag was enough soil. And when I replanted it, the roots of the part that I couldn't usually see were thick. I'm happy. The replanting was completed, and the box now weighed a certain amount. I still haven't thought about the relocation issues in winter (laughs).

日記 7月15日


I went out. I stopped by Hanamaru Udon for lunch. I ordered a medium-sized udon noodle with egg and kakiage with vegetables. The kakiage of Hanamaru Udon was wonderful because it didn't feel like it was dripping in my throat. Kakiage vegetables and fried chicken were in front of me. To be honest, I was wondering which one to use. I wanted to eat a lot, so I ordered fried vegetables with a lot of ingredients. The egg was raw, but when I stirred it, it seemed to go well with the suap and the udon was delicious. Perhaps because I stopped by in the morning, I was able to get a lot of ginger from my self-table.
I also went to the clinic. My doctor pointed out that I was gaining weight. I'm thinking about this.

日記 7月14日


PC work has recently slowed down to about an hour and a half. And above all, I'm not feeling well. I have to go to the clinic tomorrow. Therefore, you can't stay up all night.
Play Monster Hunter for about 40 minutes to change your mood. I challenged the veteran king Neromier in multiplayer. Even if you wear water resistant beads or clothing, 40% of the water damage you receive will be taken. The result was a defeat, but I sent applause over the screen to me and the other participants who endured for 16 minutes (laughs).

日記 7月13日


The second dessert after yesterday is black cream puffs. "Cream puff with Chocolate Cream". It made me feel like eating chocolate and relaxing. I felt a sense of luxury in the cream puffs. The white sugar powder on top is also good. open. Hmmm, I see. I was surprised that the surface was a rugged chocolate cookie crystal (laughs). The bottom was a chewy brown pheasant. And the cream is made of cocoa. The gap with the cream puffs I had in mind was amazing. Satisfied.

日記 7月12日


Perhaps it's been a while, I stopped by the dessert corner of Seven-Eleven and searched for the products I was interested in. I chose about two, but today I had "chocolate cream & whipped chocolate banana crepe". It costs over 200 yen, but what size banana is sandwiched? open. When you open it and smell it, you will find a faint banana scent. Yeah, cream and chocolate are sweet. I found it, it's a sliced banana. It was packed tightly, but it was quick. Thank you for your feast!

日記 7月11日


For lunch, I ate a lunch box that I took home at Hotto Motto. I had Oyakodon and Chikuwa tempura with side dishes. I've only eaten fried chicken, fried white meat, and chikuwa heaven, but is it because I can buy freshly made tempura? It's delicious, I've never met.

日記 7月10日


It was sunny so I put Pachira back outside. I was worried because the surface of the soil remained moist all the time, but when I saw it in the afternoon, it was dry, so I think it's a relief.
PC work is absent. Physical condition management is not good ...
I continued to practice Gunlance in Monster Hunter. The attraction is the management of fixed damage and sharpness gauge. I was a little addicted to shooting dragon stake bullets.

日記 7月9日


I played Monster Hunter for about 2 hours. Hammer practice. It was basically like getting into a distress signal and brushing my arms. There were some variations of the hammer, such as being stuck with a clutch as a development destination after the attack, and reinforced striking of the slinger. A piece of crystal was fired with a slinger. It was an overwhelming victory against Glavenus.

日記 7月8日


I stopped by McDonald's and took an egg cheeseburger home and ate it. I'm a manager. Hello. Even so, the egg has a unique shape, isn't it? As with omelet rice, ketchup and eggs go well with each other.
It rained a lot in the middle of the night yesterday. It seems that I heard a sunder sound ... I was worried about root rot, so I evacuated Pachira under the roof.
I think most plants are in the growing season in July. I want plant to grow up.

日記 7月7日


I went shopping at the side dish corner of the drug store and took a peek at the dessert corner. What caught my eye was the castella sandwich. It's a dorayaki-style snack. It has cream in it. It seems that Hokkaido cream cheese and Setouchi lemon are used. Yeah, you can feel the lemon flavor by biting the sponge pheasant. If you eat it while thinking that it is whipped cream, there will be a cheese-flavored gap. Moist and soft. It was in no time.
During this time, I got off from the railway station (the station is on the 2nd floor), and bamboo was leaning against the wall of a certain pillar, and the strips were decorated in a narrow space, so I took a look. From those who pray for peace, to win club activities and to get good points in the test. Perhaps it was done at a school event. What surprised me most was that I wanted to beat Miraboreas. I want you to do your best.

日記 7月6日

BASE BREADは今チョコ味を食べています。甘さがある程度あっておいしいでーす。

It's a PC I usually use, but today I changed my mind and focused on errors. I made a note of the errors that appeared while working, and tried using search and translation. In about 15 minutes of work, I encountered two errors.
I also went to see the state of Pachira. There was a fifth bud. It is currently in a bud state. It will grow from now on. I experienced a typhoon in April of this year, but I learned that it is a weapon that cuts leaves and stems. However, if you have foliage plants at home, I think that there are many patterns of living together in the house, so it is not related to typhoons.
BASE BREAD is eating chocolate flavor now. It has a certain amount of sweetness and is delicious.

日記 7月5日


This time I ate BifiX plain. The cup was big and it was a little difficult to eat?
I watched the reference video on Youtube for about 2 hours in the middle of the night, and watched the video of Monster Hunter's Charge Ax for the remaining 15 minutes. Charge Ax seems to have a timing called a guard point as one of the techniques. It must have been a weapon that needed to be strengthened with three types of shield, sword, and ax, and I haven't used it, but the person who posted it swung the weapon around and caused high damage to Theo. It's wonderful.

日記 7月4日


I had BifiX yogurt. I chose a blue-collar package that was "slightly sweet." For me, the sweetness was good, and when I scooped it with a spoon, it felt like a pudding pudding, which was very impressive. It's a big cup, and the price is probably 150 yen.
Play Puzzle & Dragons for the first time in a while. By the operation reset mail, a service that can rotate the gacha according to the rank has arrived in the mail column. What made me happy was that the festival-limited monsters Yurisha and Albert came.
I tried to see if I could challenge any of the dungeons. That? Donburi should have received S rank in the super hell class, but there is no record. I want to challenge and get this! Result Got S rank score and Nijipi. Huppy.

日記 7月3日


I went out during the daytime hours. It was cloudy when I left the house, so I thought it would be good to walk, but the sun shining on the gingin appeared through the gaps in the clouds. I took the train from the station to the shopping district, had lunch at the Sanuki udon shop, and then stopped by the vending machine.
I bought a "strong carbonated lychee" from Kirin's vending machine because "it's still hot, maybe I should drink something." It was 110 yen and had a capacity of 480 ml. I was surprised when my dad told me about the cost of carbonic acid a long time ago, but I will omit it today. The drink was good. I felt refreshed. The Bubble.

日記 7月2日


I achieved the 24-hour fast, but I was on the verge of patience until the time was reached. That said, the help item is only used once. I dissolved green tea powder in water and drank it.
I shopped at a drug store. I looked into the food corner and bought a breakfast set. At my home, tofu, natto, simmered hijiki seaweed, dried radish and carrots are often served on the table.

日記 7月1日

昨日の23時より、私の断食ゲームが幕を開けました。とはいえですね、いくつかルールを定めました。断食タイムは24時間。①天然水 ②塩③amazonで購入した緑茶粉末。この3つはOKにしました。続くかな?…(笑)

My fasting game started at 23:00 yesterday. That said, I've set some rules. Fasting time is 24 hours. (1) Natural water (2) Hakata salt (3) Green tea powder sold at amazon. I made these three OK. Will it continue? ... (laughs)
I took home more lunch boxes for dinner yesterday. I prepared my stomach with Oyakodon and fried chicken lunch. I got rid of the rice in the fried chicken lunch box. Oyakodon had a large tray bowl for 400 yen, and the amount of rice and ingredients was proportionally large.

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