日記 8月31日


I was slightly aware of it, but when I reviewed the miscellaneous notes so far, I thought that it was becoming a rut, probably because I was conscious of updating it every day. We decided to slow down the update pace from September. The frequency of Monster Hunter play is also (laughs). Far from making a game, the page has become suspicious, but I would like to thank all those who came to see it and those who started playing quiz games.
It would be nice if there was an image of the growing process of the foliage plant Pachira, but I forgot it at the end of the postponement. sorry.
I want to get in shape and do my best again.

日記 8月30日


After a week or so, I started Puzzle & Dragons and checked the information. Die's adventure has become a collaboration event. The illustration was full of enthusiasm to defeat the Demon King's army. I think it will play an active part in the dungeon of Imadoki? (There are many gimmicks) such as 3 combo addition and damage reduction. I have too many characters in the monster pictorial book to keep up with my memory ... (laughs). 4
I have a problem with foreign substances in the vaccine, and the second time I was around September, but I'm honestly hesitant.
Monster Hunter also plays a little. I tried using a hammer, but I was addicted to knowing that I could operate the clutch after the attack. It's fun to deal with Barroth and Banbaro because it's easy to get a stun value.

日記 8月29日


Changed the background screen when starting the PC. I made a lot of choices, but in the end I decided to use the forest system as the background.
Challenge the intermediate level of Minesweeper 3 times. I felt good to win 3 consecutive games. All times are in the 3 minute range. On the way, 6 came out, so the luck factor came out, but it seems that it was a hit (laugh).

日記 8月28日


In the evening, I got on the train and got off at the station near the shopping street, and ate rice at the Sanuki udon shop. I chose the large size of wakame udon, lotus root tempura, and pumpkin tempura, and relaxed in the store for about 45 minutes. The customer saw a lot of people on the train. On the other hand, I wonder if I could see a few people inside the store. I took a lot of green onions in the self-corner on a plate. Even in the evening, there was still some brightness, and it was a long time since I saw the mountains and the sky and relaxed outside.

日記 8月27日

サービス券を使って親子丼を注文し、ディナーとしました。お腹がいっぱいの為か、BASE BREADの方は食べなかったね(笑)。

I ordered Oyakodon using the service ticket and had dinner. I didn't eat BASE BREAD because I was full (laughs).
I did Monster Hunter. I participated in the rescue and played with a twin sword instead of a big sword. The sleep-type attack, which requires a lot of effort, can make a large monster into an abnormal state twice, and I decided to blow it away from there, so it was refreshing and fun.

日記 8月26日

3度の飯がBASE BREADになったハロー管理人ですー。1日分の栄養が、果たして摂取できたのでしょうか(笑)。

Three meals became BASE BREAD. I'm the caretaker of pigpawcastle. Hello. Did I get enough nutrition for one day (laughs)?
When I was keeping my dining table tidy, I was relieved to get more service tickets. I thought I'd used up everything. Until the end of September, I think distribution will be one of the pleasures.
I changed my mood by watching youtube. Recently, there was a place where I was too overwhelmed, and when I heard the contents, I felt relaxed.

日記 8月25日


Did you have a little time? It's a hotto motto. Even though it was dinner, I went to buy it around 21:00. A strange thing happened when I ordered "Nori-bento" and was waiting. The treasurer said, "I'm sorry for the customer. I have a nori-bento, but I can't prepare the prescribed amount of rice, so please let me add fried chicken instead." I felt that the work was polite in that he would inform me of such details. When I returned home and looked at the contents of the bento, there were two fried chicken! (Laughs). There will be 80% of the rice, not the reason why it is not laid at all. I was lucky because it would cost 70 yen if I ordered more fried chicken as a single item.

日記 8月24日

夕食はどうしようかという事で、今日は外食は考えずにBASE BREADを食べることにした。パンは17日に届いて、今日でおよそ半分くらい消費したかな。一つの箱32個パンが入ってて、届いた時はある程度重かったね。1回食べるごとにプレーンとチョコレートを一緒に食べてますが、ちょっと物足りないと感じる日もありますね。

I walked for about 10 minutes for exercise in the evening, but I sweated unexpectedly. When I exercised with a mask on, I realized that I was a little stuffy.
I decided to eat BASE BREAD today without thinking about eating out because of what to do with dinner. The bread arrived on the 17th and I think I've consumed about half of it today. There were 32 pieces of bread in one box, and when it arrived, it was heavy to some extent. I eat plain and chocolate together every time I eat, but there are days when I feel a little unsatisfactory.

日記 8月23日


I went to see Pachira for the first time in a long time. I'm glad that the stems are a little thicker and I can see the green to woody parts. The tip has increased to eight arms. I was worried because there was a long period of time since I watered it and there was a strong wind on the way, but I could see that it was a no problem.
Continue to challenge Miraboreas in Monster Hunter. This time I was able to win three times in a row. Although it was multiplayer, I was able to hunt in 15 minutes, which was the best time for me. At the beginning, I tried to challenge with a recovery honey beetle and tried a healing cylinder, but often the recovery was not in time. If I went with the tactic of eating the mushroom item Mandragora, the frequency of being killed actually decreased and it recovered in an instant, so I will do it with this.

日記 8月22日

食事はBASE BREADを朝と昼に緑茶と一緒に頂きました。長く飲んでいるからか、緑茶が苦く感じなくなってきたね。

I played Monhan for about 2 hours. I played Miraboreas in a row. You won twice. I tried a clutch blow-off attack, but I removed it once and received a stuffy stamp from another player.
Minesweeper also played, I wasn't doing well this time ... You stepped on a land mine twice for beginners. In the intermediate level, the capture progressed to about half of the field, but it was out.
I had BASE BREAD with green tea in the morning and noon. Maybe because I've been drinking it for a long time, I don't feel that green tea is bitter.

日記 8月21日


I myself had hiccups for the first time in a long time. Yesterday's lunch box came with "spicy spices", so I sprinkled it on rice at lunch and tried it. Even when I drank it with water, the tingling sensation in my mouth remained. Maybe this should adjust the spiciness of the curry. I had hiccups for about 45 minutes, so I decided to study for failure.
I went to Gust for dinner. Probably the lunch I wrote before, but I ordered the chicken garlic and spring rolls as a takeaway. The crispy texture of the spring rolls and the slightly larger grilled chicken made me want to eat it, so I'm glad I was able to satisfy it.
Studying reference books is as usual. Even if you chase the letters, it will stop in about 8 minutes. I wonder if I'll do Monster Hunter (laughs).

日記 8月20日


The lunch box discount ticket was until September, so I used the last one to order "curry (spinach cheese topping)". It was the first time I ordered curry at Hotto Motto. Lou was sweet and the ingredients had melted into it. It reminded me of the retort of hotel curry. The onion was visible in the form of chopped. For example, spinach cheese, which is a topping, has a cheese beet plate in the curry pool. On the cheese beet plate, the curry was warm, so the cheese became soft and spread. Spinach was well boiled on top of the cheese. Chopsticks and a spoon came with me when I ordered, but I thought it would take some ingenuity to divide the spinach cheese into bite-sized pieces. The shape of the bento container was separated so that the rice would not be exposed to the waves of curry (= difficult to eat). I knew what kind of bento the curry of the bento shop Hotto Motto was, but was my choice tonight a little unsuccessful?

日記 8月19日


I tried the exercises. It was a question of displaying the multiplication table answer. I got an error several times, but I was able to display it, so it's OK.
Hello.A pigpawcastle manager who listens to and believes in disturbing news. When it was a small amount, I was able to defend it with consciousness and action, but now I am very anxious. Eat and wipe off the accumulated upun. move forward.

日記 8月18日


I cleaned up the room today. From cleaning up clothes and hats, there was also manual cleaning up. Move the chest of drawers from the room to the storeroom. When carrying it, it is heavy as it is, so the strategy is to remove the drawer in advance, divide it into parts, and store it in the storeroom. I managed to carry it, but the sweat was like a waterfall.
It rained in the evening, but for dinner I took out a fried chicken lunch and ate it. There are 4 pieces and 6 pieces, and today I chose 4 pieces. Contrary to the appearance of fried chicken, when you chew it, you can feel that it is thick. The pasta below is a little bit, so I want a little more.

日記 8月17日

リラックスしたいなと思って、google mapを試した。ストリートビューの機能を利用してみたのですが、画質が鮮明で心地よかった。私が生まれた故郷周辺の道や森林の道を架空操作してみたりした。3年ぐらい前の記憶と照合してみたり出来て、納得したり驚いたりでした。
BASE BREADが今日また自宅に届いたね。プレーンの味もだいぶ慣れてきたと思います。

I wanted to relax, so I tried google map. I tried using the Street View function, but the image quality was clear and comfortable. I fictitiously manipulated the roads around my hometown and the roads in the forest. I was convinced and surprised that I was able to compare it with the memory of about 3 years ago.
BASE BREAD has arrived at home again today. I think I'm getting used to the plain taste.
I was hungry around 9 pm and couldn't stand it, so I went to Gust and took out my lunch. I ordered a fillet katsudon. I had the amount of rice increased. The container is in a round bowl, and I felt it was a little expensive at 690 yen for one bento, but it's helpful. It contained eggs and onions and was seasoned with dashi stock. Is it like a parent-child bowl? There were two big fins. Well, I'm going to eat slowly.

日記 8月16日


Play Minesweeper. I played the beginner's class three times, but two of them have stepped on land mines. It's convenient to open them all at once, but was it impatient this time?
Monster Hunter also played. After fighting Tobikagachi and Diablos in the arena (played with the one-handed black dragon sword), I played Miraboreas with a big sword. You did it three times and won the last.
The PC work went to the sit cushion for about 2 hours, but it ended up surfing the net. I want to be able to click on the drawing screen.

日記 8月15日


I wondered how long the Olympics would be, and when I looked it up, it was already over. I'm the caretaker of Pig Po Castle. Hello. I don't know the details, but it seems that I could get medals in swimming and judo, so I said "Oh Nice".
I'm watching a collection of stray scenes from Team Darkside, which has a video of Monster Hunter on youtube. That just makes me laugh.
I was hungry around 8 pm, so I went into the restaurant (gust) and took out. Before that, the parking lot was full of cars, and maybe because it was Sunday night, there was a family who was talking closely in front of the entrance, so I entered while keeping a distance. shop. The temperature measurement was OK. The menu I brought back was "fried chicken rice bowl". The image of the container is not a lunch box container, but a round paper box containing a chicken basket. It looks delicious with 4 fried chicken, shredded cabbage, teriyaki sauce and tartar sauce. It's a little late, but I'll ate it.

日記 8月14日


In the morning, I went to Gust and had a morning menu. It feels like McDonald's and the menu seems to be different in the morning and noon. I asked for a volume set. It contained hamburger steak, fried egg, sausage, and shredded cabbage, and I enjoyed it while feeling that it was voluminous for breakfast. It helps when I don't have rice when I'm at home.
Even if you look at the weekly weather forecast, it's a pigpawcastle manager who isn't in a good condition because the rain mark fills the week. Hello. It's a nice temperature when working, but I'm off today. I will think about what to do again.

日記 8月13日


Today, after a long absence, I ordered a pizza by phone and had it delivered to my home. 6-cut size Margherita. I had the amount of garlic slices increased, so it was a little over 1000 yen. I feel like I've been luxurious for the first time in a long time.
The temperature inside the room was moderate. I think I was able to concentrate on my PC work. I saw some small errors, but I'm happy that I was able to resolve them.

日記 8月12日


Challenge the intermediate level of Minesweeper for the first time in a while. It was 16 squares x 16 squares, and although it was a little wide, I cleared it in 3 minutes and 21 seconds. Numbers 1 to 5 that tell you how many land mines are around you have appeared, and there are also occasional harassing scenes.
Monster Hunter went to the land of guidance and collected some golden hairs, which are Rajan materials. There were some battles on the steps, and I was exhausted once, but I managed to win.

日記 8月11日


It was a little vacant, but for lunch today I bought a lunch box from Gusto for takeout and went home. A side dish lunch box of fins. The rice was usually served, but it was a two-stage lunch box, and the plate was large and the amount of rice was a little large. The variations of the side dishes were one size larger than the fried chicken, two fin cutlets, and the same kinpira gobo, edamame (something 14 grains), potato salad, and Takuan as in the previous fried chicken lunch box. Although it was thick, the crispy feeling as a fried food remained. If you make it Large serving of rice , it will exceed 600 yen, so I was conscious of that as well.

日記 8月10日


Today I worked on the exercises described in the reference book. My answer is that it's quite difficult, but the question was worm-eaten. I will tell you with a metaphor. There is a hole in the question sentence. I embed it the correct answer. If I don't match my answer with the questioner's answer, it won't work and an error will occur somewhere. I couldn't get the correct answer after 2 hours, but I got the error, so I decided to finish it (laughs).

日記 8月9日


It's been a while since it rained, and the wind is strong, but I'm wondering if Pachira is okay. Watering has become a little sloppy lately ...
Is my arm pain a little less than yesterday?
I opened a reference book for PC work. The rest is about 30 minutes, rather than reading, I feel like I'm chasing letters vaguely, and I don't remember much (laughs). There are days when my head doesn't spin. To anyone.

日記 8月8日


I'm the caretaker of pigpawcastle, who has a slight pain in his arm after finishing the injection due to the vaccination reaction. Hello. I thought it would be a pain equivalent to the tuberculin reaction, but when I went to receive it, it was completely different. The tingling sensation of sticking the needle may be common, but after that, I had the needle pulled out so quickly that I couldn't tell when the liquid was added. According to the material below, I can't exercise hard for the week I hit, so I'll think about my eating habits during that time.
In Monster Hunter, I challenged Miraboreas twice. I wonder if the members were good the second time, I was able to win. The cooperation hunter who encouraged the recovery was saved.

日記 8月7日


It's a restaurant gust again, but I took out a fried chicken side dish lunch box. The rice was in a separate container, probably because the menu cost more than 500 yen, and I was able to eat it well. Fried side dishes and pickles have the same contents as the lunch box I received before, so I will omit them here. Befitting the name of side dish, it was a personally satisfying taste of kinpira burdock, potato salad, and 12 edamame.
Monster Hunter also played a little. I'm a little shocked today after losing three races. The strength of Mirabo is not half-baked.

日記 8月6日


At noon, I went to the restaurant Gust to take out my lunch. If you make a reservation, you will receive it quickly. I bought and ate chicken garlic and spring roll lunch. The side dish space inside the container seemed to be not filled up so much, so I was a little lonely. The chicken was tender, probably because it was boiled, and it went well with the garlic tomato sauce. (sorry. It was probably a grilled dish because it had burnt marks. )The size of the chicken was one size larger than the fried chicken, and there were two pieces about the size of a pork cutlet. I ordered a large serving of rice. At most my stomach wants it (laughs). The spring rolls had a crispy outer skin and were delicious. I saw allergy sites in advance, but as expected, it was a normal spring roll without shrimp. The Gust bento I've eaten so far was a bento that you can buy for less than 500 yen for all three, but I'm glad that one coin is enough even if it's a big meal. I was in the middle of rice, so I will eat more.

日記 8月5日


I didn't feel like eating today, so I decided to take a break until noon and only take green tea powder and water.
Monster Hunter took a lot of time. I set out on an exploration. What I did was practice slinger strengthening with a one-handed sword. In the case of stones, if one shot is good, 13 damage will be hit three times. I tried it with Glavenus, but it doesn't change at all even after 25 minutes of fighting. I got a reward for destroying 4 places. I usually use a big sword to capture speedily, but I realized that I can make new discoveries by playing in such an irregular way. Volvoros's head is ...

日記 8月4日


When I stopped by Seven-Eleven, I looked into the dessert corner and checked the products. There was "Blueberry Rare Cheese" in the crepe series, so I bought it. When I chewed a bite and released it, I saw something like blueberry jam and whipped cream. Blueberries are lumpy in some places. I could feel the taste of rare cheese from the whip in the corner of the crepe without blueberries. It was in properly. For breakfast, I was able to taste the fluffy crepe-like pheasant, which is different from toasting bread and applying blueberry jam.

日記 8月3日


For dinner, I used the Yoshinoya beef bowl. The characteristic soup that soaked in the rice felt luxurious.
Play Puzzle & Dragons. There is an event in the email from the management, and if a Japanese player gets an Olympic medal, he will get a magic stone. With the magic stone I received today, I challenged the collaboration gacha of the end of the magical round again. Fortunately, ★ 8 rank Japanese knotweed has arrived. I want you to play an active role.

日記 8月2日


As I was ventilating the room, the cicadas were stuck to the curtains. Her name was a cicada called a bear because her torso is black. She hit the floor and made a noise, but it was quiet, and when I looked at her chest, it wasn't orange, so I think it was a female bear zemi. She escaped, but missed it.
I didn't have much concentration today, so I took a break from working on my PC and reading. I was sweating a lot while I was sleeping.

日記 8月1日


For lunch, go to Gust and take your lunch home. I ordered a hamburger steak and a young bird's fried chicken lunch box, and when I took it out of the bag, the shape of the serving container was the same as before. When I tried fried chicken, I felt that it was less oily. The size was not too small and it was good. The last bite was fried crispy skin.
Monster Hunter also plays a little. I tried a difficult research quest, but the result was 4 wins and 3 losses. The opponent was Rajan, who has a risk level of 3, and Evil Joe, who is angry at the battle, but it's difficult, isn't it? And there was also a setting that the game was over when it collapsed once. I also saw a scene in which Evil Joe brought the physical strength of his fellow players with a single blow. It's difficult but I enjoyed it.


Current goal 2021/8/1
At first, I was worried that I would give up on the way, but I think it lasted for a long time. From the beginning, I wonder if the operating language and the language used for drawing have increased as knowledge. Sometimes I said, "I'm tired of buying reference books and buying them repeatedly." The language I'm not good at is the one I write next. "Things that manage names using arrays. For, while, setInterval" It's quite ... I also wrote an article. Things that I have been doing for a long time in my daily life, and experiences that were difficult to solve due to problems with my computer. Although it is my own pace, I hope to increase the number of games.

나 자신, 처음은 도중에 모르게 되어, 그만두어 버릴지도…라고 우려도 있었지만, 오랫동안 계속되었을까라고 생각하고 있습니다.
처음 무렵부터 동작 언어나 그리기에 사용하는 언어 등은 지식으로 늘어났을까. 「참고서는 질린다.→ 다른 책을 찾아, 구입. 그것의 반복」이라고 하는 일도 있었습니다. 과제를 들어 보면, 복수의 이름을 정리해 관리하거나, 반복의 동작, 시간차로 이벤트가 일어나거나. 이것들을 말하는 언어는 서투르네요. 좀처럼 ....
일본용 페이지를 쓴 적도 있었다. 내용은, 평상시의 생활 속에서 길게 하고 있는 것이나, PC로 문제가 일어나 해결이 어려웠던 체험 등.
늘려 가고 싶다.
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